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We offer several different styles of appraisal, so you are able to choose the style that best fits your needs and storage abilities.  All of them contain most of the same valuable information, with presentation and size being the differentiating and sometimes limiting factors.  A specific appointment will be required while you wait and watch the service.

Appraisal Booklet

This padded booklet folds into a size slightly larger than a quarter of a letter-sized page.  It contains a digital photograph, plus a full description of the jewellery item, along with an estimate of replacement value for the purpose of insurance.  This appraisal is always signed and sealed by a Graduate Gemologist.

 Letter Size

This appraisal contains the same valuable information as the booklet, though it is printed using our custom 8.5" X 11" form.  Some people may find this an easier format for storage if they typically store flat files.

Credit Card Size 

Exactly as it sounds in size, this appraisal is perfect for travelling, as it is printed on a semi-rigid plastic card.  Excellent addition to one of your other choices for appraisal, we will fit in as much information as the format allows.  The card is not suitable for all jewellery appraisals.  When you don't want any questions with a Customs department, add this to your travelling goods.

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